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Pass with Pluck!


 The ultimate solution for individuals with busy schedules. With simplicity at its core, Pluck! presents complex material in an easily digestible format, tailored for individuals with demanding schedules and adult learners alike.

About Pluck!

Explore Pluck!'s food manager courses for concise and interactive learning experiences. Packed with valuable tips, insights, and mini quizzes, our courses make absorbing information a breeze. Save both time and money by choosing the most affordable and effective course in the market!

Take your proctored Food Manager Certification exam from the comfort of your home! This option includes the ServSafe Exam access code. The remote proctoring is facilitated by ProctorU, with additional proctor fees applied.

Group Food Manager Course 

Group Instructor-Led Remote Food Manager Class

Prefer a more interactive and guided approach for your employees, our expert instructors are dedicated to providing them with a rich and engaging learning experience, all from the comfort of their home or office.

Available in English & Spanish.

At Pluck, our mission is crystal clear: to equip your team with the easiest, most productive, and time-saving path to food manager certification. With us, it's all about efficiency – saving you time and money while ensuring your team gets certified.

Individual Food Manager Course

Self-Paced Online Food Manager Course

Pluck! was created for individuals with demanding schedules. Our curriculum is crafted with simplicity in mind, presenting material in an easy-to-understand format that prepares you for the food manager certification exam. 

You can study on your own time with 24/7 access or book an      
instructor-led class.
Available in English or Spanish.

Although we can't promise a guaranteed pass,(no food manager course can) we're dedicated to empowering you with the essential knowledge for exam success. You can trust in our comprehensive materials to prepare you to achieve the 70% passing grade.





Effective, Engaging Learning  
Group Purchases Available from  5-200 Managers 
or More!
Tailored to Adult Learners
  • No more sitting in a boring class all day, watching long videos, and being overwhelmed with information

  • We "Plucked" the key information to make it straight-to-the-point

  • Access the online course 24/7 

  • Includes mini-quizzes after each chapter to help you assess your understanding of the material

  • We significantly streamlined the food manager certification process for your organization

  • We offer bulk purchasing

  • We'll create a unique coupon code exclusively for your company

  • Includes Pluck! Food Manager Online Course & ServSafe Exam Code

  • Leave the rest to us! Should your manager have any questions, they can contact us. We strive to simplify things for HR professionals and business owners.

  • Learning experience that tailors to your needs

  • Diverse range of learning materials that help you learn at your own pace

  • If you want the chance to ask questions and go more in-depth, book one of our live, instructor-led Zoom classes

  • Get helpful tips along the way



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